~ Berkshire Pork ~

Berkshire pork is known as “Kurobuta” in Japan where it is the most highly prized pork.

Unlike grocery store pork which comes from pigs that are bred for large-scale production and leaness (dry!)  Berkshire pork come from pigs that were bred and improved to produce better quality meat.

Berkshire pork is darker.

Berkshire pork has heavily marbled meat…fat is flavor.

Because of the marbeling Berkshire pork retains more moisture.


Berkshire Chop Berkshire Pork ChopGrocery Store chopGrocery store pork chop

Comments from the web:

“Oh my!  This is the part where words escape me.  You didn’t need a knife.  You didn’t even need a fork.  The only reason you needed teeth was to get the pieces into your mouth.  From then on, they just melted away.  …. it tasted like a platonic ideal of a pig — more flavorful than ribs, more tender than a tenderloin, more tasty than any pork I’ve ever had.”

“This was more like eating a beef steak because the marbling retained much more moisture in the chop.  It did not develop the dryness I dislike in grilled pork.  The mouth feel was much better and the taste was excellent….The pork was delicious.”

” The first bite stopped me dead in my tracks. The texture, juiciness, and all of the other stuff they said about it, was true. It really was divine.”

” incredibly tender and flavorful”

“The Berkshire pork was juicy, smoky, and intensely pork-y —even bacon-like. …We were sold on the Berkshire pork”

“It tastes like pork used to taste — before pig farmers bred their hogs to produce meat that’s 30% leaner than it was 20 years ago.”